Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brush of Air

So, since school has finally let out for this crazy quarter, I've gone where? Straight into work. Can't complain though, need the money. The only thing that is driving me craaaazy is the HEAT! Feels like Vietnam out there.

So I've finally finished my Mystique. I'm pretty satisfied with it; it was just getting a little ridiculous on how much time I've not been spending on it, just to get the thing over with. So its fine with me.

This one has the added background effect, one step closer to being done.

And here is the complete, with touch-ups and stuff.
All in all, I really like it.

I've done a few crazy custom orders this year at the park, and people never seem to fail to give me something new.

So apparently, DK is a "homie" that is wrongfully locked up. I really think this would make a funny couples design.

Her name's Brooklynne, she likes diamonds, and wanted me to paint her a diamond.

This is her tattoo of a martini glass, and she wanted it on a license plate for her car.

I dunno, I don't think I like martinis enough to have them tatted up on me for life.
Car? Maybe. Body? No.

This lady named Sandy was sent this graphic through one of those MySpace comment things and asked if I could paint it for her. So I asked her to text it to my phone.

I really do like how this came out because it was completely freehanded. I didn't have a pencil in the shop, so I did it from scratch scratch. She in the end loved it, and actually went as far as calling the company number and left a message with the secretary saying how much she enjoyed working with me on the design, and how much she loved the shirt. I thought that was sweet.

The new caricature I have up was done by Chris! I love it!