Sunday, November 15, 2009

Old Airbrush Work

So...I was looking thru my old phone's camera, and found like all this old airbrush work from like a season ago, and one from this season.

So this is an old shirt Heather asked me to make her. It was supposed to be "epic." I just found it hilarious.

This was "bandage man." I painted him on a black bag that started out having the Joker Chris drew on it. But as I was painting the Joker, it looked worse and worse, so i just covered it with black, and painted it over.

And this was my "big" airbrush project for the '09 season. Every year, the artists paint a Marvel or DC character on a shirt just so we can practice doing more high end kind of work. I did Harley Quinn, from the old "Mad Love" cover. I was really pleased with the outcome. I haven't stretched this one over a canvas frame yet, but that will be done soon!