Friday, October 30, 2009

Hiatus GONE!

Hey Kiddos,

Once again, sorry for the super, extremely long break between posts, I've been a busy little bee lately. For starters, I graduated in September! Whoo! Congrats to me and my two buddies Heather Berry and Jason Barnes. We led the portfolio show, and even though it rained, and rained, and rained, we did our thing, and now we're big ol' adults in the big awesome world. Heather was right there next to me, all through our senior classes, and if it wasn't for her constant happiness and upbeat attitude, I would've hit rock (graduation) bottom. Thanks girl! Go check out her work, she is one heck of a 3D modeler and all around artist. She's going to Cali within the month of November, so look her up! Jason was right there next to her, and if it wasn't for his quick one liners and "stache," portfolio would've been a constant state of stress! Love you guys, and good luck from here on out!

Continuing on with portfolio, I won all three awards! Best in Show. Outstanding Academic Award. Outstanding Contributions to the Department. Whoo, that was one crazy week. We had set up, awards, and finally, the show.

My table set up:

(thanks Heather, for the pic!)

I have more postcards I made from the show, so if you'd like to trade or get them, just let me know, and I'll try my best to get them to you!


I'm working with Radical Axis/Floyd County as an illustrator for their new show called Archer. Its going to be released on FX Networks in January 2010, so remember that and check it out when it shows. Its quite funny; definately for adults.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd..... my newest toy design. I painted a "munny" doll for my dear friend Shadrick, who has also helped me through the tough times of school and life. Love ya Shaddy!

More later guys!