Sunday, February 28, 2010

Radical Axis Sketch Blog

Hey guys, check out Radical Axis' new blog! Its the sketch blog where at the beginning of the week, we get a topic, and by the end of the week, draw our version of the character. First week's was Fred Flintstone, which I didn't participate in, but I did participate in this week's topic, Tom and Jerry.

Friday, February 5, 2010

crochet jellies!

So I made this for my good friend Rod for X-mas, based off of his squid guys on his home page!

World Of Imagination Vol. 3

So I've been getting some paintings ready for the APW Gallery show in New York called World of Imaginaion Vol. 3, and its been a pretty fun process. I haven't painted for the longest time, so it was like a brush up of old skills. I plan on doing 4 paintings, so I have 2 done, 2 to go.

I'm painting in gouache on canvas, and I will be spraying it to protect, but to keep the matte color. I didn't want them to shine.

Pictures are a little bad because I didn't have good lighting.

But I am super excited to go to New York for the gallery opening on March 5th. That's a friday I believe. If anyone is wanting to go to New York too, let me know!