Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crochet Lately

Hey guys!

Long time since the last post, but I've got pictures, so yay! Fun time! All of my projects lately have been pretty hard to part with too, but hey, that's just appreciation for your craft.


So....this was a huge project for me, because I had limited time to do it, and was doing other work at the same time on a different project, and I had a time limit to get it done by. But luckily for me, I pulled it off, and it was a huge success! My supervisor was heading home to visit his sister who was having a baby girl, and he and his wife thought some handmade gifts would be cute and unique, and so I was asked if I could do this job for him. Of course I was excited, it was the biggest crochet commission I had ever gotten to do!


One of my friends from work had his 2-year anniversary coming up with his girlfriend, and he wanted to see if I could make him something as a part of his presents for her, so of course I was happy to! I love this turtle.


This last project was one I made for my friend Jay's birthday. Stupid me was going to make him something in time for his birthday, but I got caught up with other work, and forgot. So I made him this little tiger ball!


I will be making a lot more of crochet of this sort in hopes of getting into the Art vs Craft show with a group of friends under the "Fat Kids" group name, so as I get them done, I'll post them!

If you've made it this far down, thanks for reading!

New Other Post

Hey guys, no new "new" artwork, but I just updated my crochet blog, so go check it out!