Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starting up a new project

I remember back in the day, when I posted on my blog at a fairly reasonable rate. And then I disappeared for a billion years, so NOW I am going to make another attempt to keep it up. Why not? At least I have a good excuse, and can just blame it on all of the time working on Archer takes up. So I'm starting up a new project, personal work. I used to do fashion illustrations, and thinking back, I remember those being the best few months I had, getting paid to make cute little fashion illustrations however I wanted. And then the client disappears without paying my last invoice. I guess it's gotta happen to all of us at some point.

Oh WELL, at least these drawings will still be fun, and I am my own client. Meaning I get to make them however I want. : )

Even though I spend every day in it, I never seem to get tired of my dear old Adobe Illustrator. Oh how I love you so.