Monday, January 10, 2011


I changed my url for my crochet blog. I decided if I was to do other handmade things(which I have!), crochet is too specific.

Check out

New post with Xmas gifts!

X-Mas Handmade Goodies!

Hey Guys! So, this is an update on some X-mas gifts I made for some friends, which everyone enjoyed, so I was happy! Also, I really need to learn how to take more than crap-tastic pictures of my work, it really doesn't do them justice.

A Tiger Shark for Chad:

Bruce Lee/Fei Long for TJ:

Gloomy Bear for Pierre:

Ken Masters for Adam:

Spiderman for Orlando:

And these are a new thing for me! As you can tell, they are not crocheted, but they're called Felties, basically felt and thread. I really like how they came out, and they don't take as long : P. But these guys I made for Jay, its a Majini Zombie and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Finally something new to show off!

My Crimson Viper drawing!

The guys started a new artblog for the company at: DRAGON STREET DOUBLE RAGE

Be sure to go there, check out everyone's awesome work, and follow!