Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back Online

Hey Kiddos!

So, since I've been dead from blogger lately, I felt a post was in bad need.

Graduation has a tendency to become entirely consumed with my time, setting up packaging, website, demo reel, biz cards, and all that fancy stuff.

For those interested in knowing, Portfolio is on Friday, September 18 at noon! Me, Heather Berry, and Jason Barnes will all be showing our stuff at AI, so if you can, come and support us.

Some other news, I'm basically done with my business cards, dvd packaging, dvd label, website (sorta), and (yay!) flatbook. I've published it on, and I actually left it open to the general public. Here is the url for it:

You can also enter this code for 10% off your purchase. Its not much, but its something:
Enter that coupon code at checkout. Its only good for 30 days after today.

Its a small 7.5 x 7.5 inch booklet with 10 pages. Its not much, but funding is a bit tight for me, and I'll most likely only be able to get 30 copies to handout. So if you'd like a copy, I'd say go to and buy one. I don't get any money for it, but it is just $6.50 a book, so its pretty cheap. I'd rather people be able to get it for a better price than me and earning revenue off of it, making the price go higher. I'll have pics to post from everything once I get them all printed, but for now, here is the cover for the book:

I do plan on designing and printing off any where from 50 to 75 postcards with 3 different designs, that people will be able to take. Something I like to do to give back to the community. lol just kidding, but I'll have those printed for the show as well.