Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am beat! 3-D modeling takes a lot out of you. I'm currently in Intermediate 3-D modeling and we're using Maya. It's a pretty sick program if you know how to use it, so I will be getting snapshot renders of my Viking Longboat soon. That and some Flash animation I'm working on as well for this quarter.

Collection of my stuff from awhile back, the newer stuff will be on soon

I made this a loong time ago with a VERY old version of Photoshop.

I used this goat as a logo image for a website we had to choose and redo for a web design project. It's inked and colored with prisma markers.

Now this one I had fun with. My buddy Adam wanted a logo for his production company "Dick in Dirt Productions. Basically, its watch you think it is. Except for what the pervs out there are thinking. I liked how it came out, and he took this sketch because I never found anytime to actually ink and draw it properly. But he's graduated now, and makin money.

I created this cartoon called "Wacky Woon World" in my Writing for Animation class and came up with these two characters. There's more, but I just didn't have scans of them. It's based off of a theme park and is still very rough, but I'd like to keep going with it. Anywhoo, this is the bumper car that comes to life and is basically partnered up with this girl, Nena. These are just inked scans.

These were images we made in my Computer Illustration class. The cigarette butt was later used in a comp image, and the guy on the right is actually the label for a pretend beer company. I scanned them in and colored them with Illustrator.

I like her, she's one of my favs! This is my cartoon version of Nefertiti, and was my project for Art History 1. She is inked and colored with prisma markers on the wonderful marker paper.

These three images were made in my Character and Object Design class, which I looved! Here you have Rosie, Squanto, and Medusa; three seperate projects for the class. Rosie is made for traditional 2-D animation, Squanto is made for a video game, and Medusa was like an experiment with prisma markers and colored pencils, but the challenge was to make a human/animal character that was convincing on both parts.

These two images were created for two of my friends who had started a film company under the name of "It's Like Rope Films." Well, they started off strong, but now its dead. Sad. I really enjoyed doing the artwork for them. I love the logos I made for them though. "Mailbox Junkie" was the name of their first short film. Both were made in Illustrator.

These three are miscellaney I do for fun.


Archangel said...

Omgosh!! This is so nice. Did you do you own texture for the boat as well. That is so awesome. I can't wait to see more of what you can do. Also, do you have an Cgtalk account?.....(MB)

Archangel said...
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Victoria said...

I just put up my finished car! take a look!
i had trouble with the see-through top though.
But everything else is as finished as it's gonna get for the class right now. :) it looks weird online,lol.