Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Late Airbrush

I also haven't posted any airbrush work for sometime now, and forgot I had this one last painting. Chris's brother Nick wanted a Batman license plate around the time The Dark Knight came out, so at work I painted him one based off of the new Batman Begins logo.

This was my latest airbrush project that I did late summer of 2008.

I created the stencil and textured the paint for inside the bat. It was a little tricky at first, but really fun.


Heather Berry said...

I remember this it turned out so freaking sweet. Can't wait to see the kick ass designs you make this year!

Yusuke Sato said...

Yay, posts.
Did u know that I'm actually Batman?

ChrisNeuenschwander said...

And its still on the front of his car catching insects! He still says thanks!

Joe Karg said...

Nice texture Chi. Elio won't shut up about how great you're getting. Nice to see your hard work pay off no?


Carlisle said...

Hey. it's been a minute. Hope all is good in your world. My comic has celebrated its first birthday, and I thought I'd relay you that message.Talk to ya.

Jason Barnes said...

heeeeeeeeey, you should post some of your senior stuff!